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Saturday, February 29, 2020

The SCA on a Budget -- The Handout!

Finally, here is the link to the handout from my recent University of Atlantia class titled "The SCA on a Budget":

I got frustrated with trying to post the PDF of the handout, so I just did a cut-and-paste into Blogger and made a page. Then I had trouble displaying the handout page on my main blog page, so that's why I'm creating this post.

Grrrr.... Is it just me or is Blogger really that much clunkier than, which I use for my non-SCA blog?

I may try a new layout/design for this blog in the near future. This template is the closest thing to "something Lithuanian" that I could find originally, but it seems quite dated. If you return to this site after an absence and it looks radically different, please don't freak out.

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