Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Lithuanian Independence Day!

Today is the anniversary of Lithuania's brief independence in 1918. In honor of the date, I'm posting a couple of links to YouTube videos (here and here) showing some military-type observances of the 10th anniversary celebrations of independence in 1928. It's way out of the SCA's period, of course, but in some of the banners, and in the decorations at the end of the second film, you can see the Vytis and the Pales of Gediminas -- both ancient heraldic symbols of Lietuva and its leaders.

My apologies for again abandoning this blog for a couple of months. Not much happening here at the moment. However, the calendar is sneaking up on me -- Slavic University is less than two months away! Holy moley! Also, registration for Pennsic University at Pennsic 39 is now open. I guess it's really getting to be time to decide whether I'm going to teach something special about the Battle of Grunwald's 600th anniversary and, if so, what I'm going to say.

One note: At the Storvik Performers' Revel, I told a five-minute version of the Tale of the Battle of Zalgiris, and it went over pretty well with the audience, even though I'm not much of a bard. Maybe I will practice that for future use at SCA events this year.