Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Lithuanian Independence Day!

Remember, Lithuania is the country that has two "independence days": one in February to commemorate its 1918 independence from Russia and one in March to celebrate its 1990 break with the Soviet Union. So tonight I actually had some pierogies for dinner. Not the world's best pierogies, but still tasty.

And once again, to my dear readers, my apologies for not writing in this blog for so long. (By now, you're tired of reading THAT, right?) I actually did compile a list of A&S activities to write about ... and then I misplaced the list. Why, yes, I am disorganized.

I've been busy, but a friend and I planned to make this weekend (the one that's just ending) into a "project weekend." He has been wanting to make himself a steampunk costume, and I have been wanting to finish a light-blue linen tunic dress that I started last July (before my automotive transmission disaster).

Specifically, my friend wants to make a double-breasted vest from a commercial pattern, and in the past he's worked off of muslin patterns, not the printed-paper ones. So I transferred the pattern to muslin and added in the seam allowances, which aren't printed on these newfangled multi-size costume patterns. I also added a bit of length on the bottom because he's a tall guy. He was happy with how the muslin mockup fit him, so this afternoon he ironed his real fabric and cut out the pieces from the "real" fabric.

Then I dug out the pieces for the light-blue dress and sewed some of it before the threads jammed up near the bobbin of my machine. I think my friend and I can fix it, but we'll take another look at it in the daylight tomorrow. But then I have to get back to "real" work....


  1. Hi, I'm Jessi from Georgia. I'm relatively new to the SCA (haven't officially joined yet, but I've been apart of a baby group in Athens for the past 3 years) and I'm trying to do a Lithuanian persona. I come from the Bendzunas family (from upstate New York and later Chesapeake, Virginia) and wanted to because my mom instilled in me a strong respect for my heritage. Up until yesterday, I thought I was the only one pursuing Lithuania in the SCA, because no one around here knew of anyone. But I'm glad to find out I'm far from being the only one. Thank you.

  2. Hi, Jessi --

    Thank you for your message! I think it's great that you're pursuing a Lithuanian persona! There aren't a whole lot of us, but I am hopeful that there will be more. After all, in the High Middle Ages and the Renaissance, western European nobles would have heard of Lithuania and vice versa.

    Have you heard of the Slavic Interest Group, or SIG? It's the SCA-wide group for people interested in Eastern Europe -- from Kievan Rus to the Balkans, and including Lithuania, Poland and the Baltic region. There is a mailing list, too. Here are the links:

    SIG people are very supportive of each other's efforts. The group has even had three "Slavic University" events, and I hope there will be more in the future.

    Sėkmės ir linkėjimai!