Thursday, April 23, 2009

Question for my readers

Last year I taught "Lithuania: The Biggest Medieval Country Of Which You Might Not Have Heard" at Pennsic University. The link to the class handout is here (and it's also linked to the first post in this blog).

The deadline for getting courses listed in the Pennsic XXXVIII book is coming up FAST (a week from tomorrow, I think). Do you think I should teach this course again? Should I change the focus at all? I'm not sure that I have enough material to stretch into two separate one-hour classes, although I will try to work on that for Pennsic XXXIX in 2010.

Comments and suggestions welcome!


  1. Why not repeat it? There's a good chance that there were some interested people who couldn't make it because of schedule conflicts. You may not get the SRO you had last year, but it seems like there's interest.

    Worst case scenario: Absolutely nobody comes. You are out the cost of the handouts, thirty minutes of your time, and whatever time you spent practicing. In the grand scheme of things, that's not very bad.

    It also doesn't seem very likely, so go ahead and teach the class again. :)

  2. YES! I overheard at least 2 people at last year's Pennsic talking about how they wanted to take your class and couldn't for some reason. And there were several others who took it and loved it so much they were talking about it at filks and in their camps. Do!

  3. Oh I took that class!! (Am Googling right now looking for more info, that's how I found you!) It was a great deal of fun and quite informative.
    I would probably come again and drag my boyfriend along-- I've just convinced him to come to Pennsic, and he's the one who is actually Baltic and is the reason I thought of doing a Baltic persona. (He is Latvian; his grandparents fled the Soviets in 1941, and they have a lot of family traditions from Latvia.)
    I see I am coming to this too late for the deadline, but I just wanted to say hi!
    And if you have some texts you want translated from Lithuanian, I can see if my boyfriend's aunt can puzzle them out-- drop me a line at dragonlady7 at gmail dot com. She speaks and reads Latvian fluently, and I think Lithuanian is quite close to Latvian, though I don't know how difficult it would be for her to make out.
    I am close to giving up on going really Baltic for this Pennsic (our only event, really)-- I'm just going to embroider Latvian cives designs on a generic T-tunic. Oh well.
    Anyway, how funny to find you now.