Friday, January 9, 2009

Countdown to Twelfth Night

It takes quite a bit of work to get out the door and head to a major event like Kingdom Twelfth Night. You don't just jump into the car and drive off.

I've already accomplished some of the prep work: hand-washing my chemise, purchasing some finger foods to nibble on during the day (because our hosts are not offering lunch, only dinner), printing out some sheet music that I don't already have, and printing out the directions to the site in Virginia.

Tonight I will have to:

  • press the parts of my chemise that will show when I'm wearing the dress, and probably press some of the cloth napkins
  • check the silk dress to see if it needs touch-up pressing
  • check feast gear to make sure it's all clean (sometimes it gets dusty)
  • pack garb, feast gear, and musical instruments/supplies and get them out to the car TONIGHT because it's supposed to be rainy tomorrow
  • make sure the perishable products are grouped together in the refrigerator so that I can grab them tomorrow morning.

Here is my packing list:

  • the three pieces of my Cavalier outfit (jacket, shirt and chemise -- see previous post)
  • the Cavalier hat (for indoors) and a felted wool hat (for possible rain outdoors)
  • my wool cloak (needs some repairs, but it's what I have right now)
  • pearl earrings and necklace; Opal medallion
  • extra pair of shoes for dealing with the weather
  • feast gear in its basket
  • cameras (video and still)
  • small basket (for carrying small items around the site)
  • musical instruments and accoutrements
  • small cooler with snacks and the rest of the Diet Peach Snapple in the back of the fridge
  • directions to the site
  • maybe the olive-oil lamp (but then I have to bring olive oil).

Quite a bit of stuff, huh? And this is only a day trip to an indoor site!

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